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Enhance your company’s brand awareness and increase exposure – with a well-known professional partner.

Midco Sports’ live local and regional sports coverage brings in a loyal audience that cares about the community you serve.

Our award-winning production teams operate regionally and can produce your commercial using state-of-the-art technology – all within your timeline and budget.

How to advertise on Midco Sports.

If you'd like to advertise with Midco Sports, request a consultation with our team. We value any questions you have and will make every attempt to respond to your message in a timely and effective manner.

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Shauna Wimer
Director of Advertising

Why sports fans?

There are too many reasons to count, trust us. With 91% of fans subscribing to TV to access live games and 89% of sports fans preferring to watch sports live, it's an ideal audience to reach.1

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1 PwC: PwC Consumer Intelligence Series: I Stream, YouStream, Q42017