Podcast: The Long Road to Fargo

North Dakota State Senior wide receiver Jimmy Kepouros has overcome a lot of adversity in his collegiate career but is making the most of his senior season.

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A Shortage of Officials: We All Should Be Concerned

Officials, referees and umpires are in short supply. And those individuals who go out there day after day, in what is often a thankless job, are getting asked to carry a bigger load.

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Podcast: Catching Up with Gene Taylor

Gene Taylor spent a decade working to build up North Dakota State athletics during the transition to Division One. Now in his third year at Kansas State, he is hoping to take the Wildcat athletic department to the next level.

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College Football Stadiums: Beer or No Beer?

Ten years ago, it was rare to find a college football stadium that sold beer and wine to fans. Fast forward to 2019, and it is becoming the norm. Brian Shawn looks at what schools in the Missouri Valley Conference have taken the leap and some the pros and cons to this trend.

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Podcast: Kyle Emanuel Reflects on NFL® Career

Former Bison turned pro football linebacker Kyle Emanuel sits down with MidcoSN's Brian Shawn to talk about his time in Fargo, San Diego and Los Angeles, plus why he decided to leave the NFL and move back to North Dakota.

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